CARE: the artistic approach and ceramic processing to promote the inclusion of visually impaired young people. Find out the latest news from the transnational meeting in Wexford

On 7-8 June 2023, the European partners of CARE from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Ireland met in Wexford (Ireland) to finalise the elaboration of the manual that will contain practical indications and educational lesson plans on how to implement creative ceramic workshops for young people, especially visually impaired ones.

Through the processing of ceramics, young people will develop a new way of exploring the external environment, enhancing their sensory skills, their psychomotor and kinaesthetic skills, and also improving their ability to show emotions through artistic practice. To this end, ceramic workshops will be launched in the different countries of the partnership. Later, the young people involved will have the opportunity to participate in an international exchange abroad.

In the upcoming months, CARE partners will work on:

  1. The development of a manual on how to implement ceramic courses to increase psychomotor skills of young people, especially visually impaired ones;
  2. The organisation of an international training for youth workers, who will then be involved in the implementation of practical ceramic workshops with visually impaired young people;
  3. The organisation of an international training for visually impaired young people, thus giving them the opportunity to travel abroad and exchange with other young people from the different countries in CARE

The meeting in Wexford was also a good opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the partners and co-design new activities, reiterating the desire to work closely with young people, supporting them in their personal growth and inclusion process through the non-formal approach of the artistic practice and the ceramics.
Stay tuned!