CARE: C1- Joint Staff Training

Ιnternational training in Poland on how to promote the social and labour inclusion of visually impaired young people (V.I) through ceramic workshops.

As a part of the “CARE: Ceramic Artworks to Raise Esteem and Employability” project, the 1st international training event occurred from October 23 to 27, 2023, in Łódź, Poland. Over 20 ceramists and educators participated in it, with main aim the implementation of ceramic workshops to visually impaired young individuals.

In Poland, the participants engaged in various ceramic workshops and collaborated with other professionals in the arts and crafts field. Through their active involvement in these workshops, participants not only improved their manual dexterity, but also developed their socio-emotional skills, focusing on the expression of emotions through the creation of ceramic pieces. These skills are vital in assisting visually impaired young people in using ceramics as a means of self-expression and social interaction. This, in turn, fosters greater inclusion in society and provides new employment opportunities within the arts and crafts sector.

Furthermore, participants had the unique opportunity to visit a youth center, where they interacted with visually impaired young individuals and offered support in specialized ceramic workshops. This experience served as a valuable lesson in understanding various forms of visual impairment and fostering empathy for visually impaired young people.

During the training, the participants got access to helpful resources provided by CARE, which can be downloaded from CARE website. These resources include a special handbook with clear instructions for organizing ceramic workshops for visually impaired young people. It also offers a variety of fun and engaging activities that can help visually impaired young individuals improve their social skills and actively participate in these activities.


Ceramic workshops for visually impaired youth (ages 18 and up) will soon commence in Greece, Ireland, Poland, Italy, and Cyprus, spanning approximately 100 hours.