Improving self-esteem with a Ceramic Erasmus+ Course

Ierfop’s Care Project, the adventure continues for ten visually impaired young people

From clay to ceramics. Under the guidance of master Nanni Pulli, the creations of the ten participants in the Erasmus+ Care course are slowly taking shape. Each object tells a story and becomes an emblem of the project itself, expressing both the uniqueness of the artist and the globality of Care’s message of inclusion and resilience.

Thus, among the creations we find clocks depicting Sardinia, cups decorated with messages of accessibility, small nuraghi and flags of the 4 Moors, but also objects such as phoenixes and butterflies, representing rebirth and the will not to give up in the face of difficulties.

After colouring and firing, the works will undergo crystallisation to add brilliance to the colour and transform the clay into ceramics.

Improving self-esteem, manual dexterity and perception

All in all, it was not only a training experience, thanks to the acquisition of clay working techniques, but also a socialising and awareness-raising experience.

The group made and painted creations with the help of master Nanni Pulli and Ierfop tutors Claudia Serra, Alessia Cannas and Francesca Vargiolu, resulting in unique and artistically valuable pieces.

While manipulating clay and painting, the participants improved their manual and perception skills, while gaining greater self-confidence. Finally, the opportunity to share workshop space allowed the group to get to know each other in depth, creating bonds of mutual esteem and support.

The project will continue in June with in-person lessons at the Ierfop headquarters in Cagliari, via Platone 1/3, and will focus on entrepreneurship. To conclude the project, in October, there will be a meeting with participants from international partners and the realisation of a work to be displayed in a permanent exhibition in Cagliari.