Ceramic Artworks to Raise Esteem and Employability

C.A.R.E. arises a key opportunity for young people with visual impairment (V.I.P.) to unlock their potential as individuals, as artists, and as employees, through ceramic workshops and enhances their psychomotor skills, as one of the foundations for development


To raise young visually impaired people (V.I.P.) self-esteem by strengthening their psychomotor skills.

To enhance the young V.I.P.’s opportunities to employability in the field of art, culture, social and manual work, or to have them become future entrepreneurs.

To give V.I.P. the confidence to become positive actors in the growth of their community, for their city, as well as the EU artistic scenario as a whole.

To foster the capacity building and impact of educational and training centres with the introduction of pottery classes for all learners but equipping their trainers with the right skills to welcome V.I.P.

To equip youth workers, educators and trainers with the competencies to engage V.I. learners in their classes/workshops, and to foster the development of psychomotor skills in young learners through ceramics workshops.


Definition of key elements in teaching V.I. learners, as well as commit our V.I. participants to the co-creation of the training approaches (sharing their ideas, expectations, fears, lacks and desires of personal development, etc.)

Creation of 72 artworks made by the V.I. participants and inspired by local traditions to be exposed permanently in all partner cities, thus creating the concept of city museum

Production of professional videos highlights from the local and transnational workshops

Delivery of transnational training events promoting representations of the EU values of freedom, equality, human dignity and rights, and will be of enormous opportunity for the participants to meet, being creative together, sharing, mutual learning and team-working at the European level