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“CARE Manual” on how to start ceramic workshops for the development of psychomotor skills for young Visually Impaired People (V.I.P.), bridging (1) the competencies of experienced organizations already working with V.I.P., (2) the expertise in running ceramic workshops of pottery masters in each country involved, and (3) the active involvement of education and training providers, whose trainers will acquire new competencies to master the approach of teaching the development of the psychomotor skills through ceramic making and to adapt their activity methods to fully engage young V.I.P. in their classes/workshops

“CARE Guidelines” A complimentary handbook with specific guidelines on how to engage and fully connect with the V.I. learners

“CARE Case Studies” A manual with on how Entrepreneurship, specifically dedicated to the young V.I.P, allows to equip them with methods and tips to find the “gaps” in their community and build their own enterprise

“My first artwork” ceramics artworks by the V.I. participants

“City Museum” open-air museum with traditionally-inspired and useful ceramic creations for the citizens, as well as to show the world how V.I.P. can indeed be artists, professionals and even entrepreneurs for their community


  •  Increased levels of inclusion and diversity by improving the outreach to people with disabilities
  • Developed new skills and accumulated new knowledge, as well as recognized and transferred new good practices when working on employability with V.I.P. youth
  •  Strengthened employability of young people, with key competencies and basic skills, including supporting their integration into the labour market
  • Increased self-autonomy and possibility to run the job and the relationships in young people with visual impairment in life
  • Established ceramic workshops specifically tailored for young people with visual impairment who will raise their psychomotor skills such as movement, coordination, posture, manipulation and tactile sensations, dexterity, grace, strength, and speed